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Overcoming Isolation

MiaCurtissby Mia Curtiss, Living with Cancer


Every single person has experienced some form of isolation in their lifetime!  It’s inevitable. However, when you’re dealing with a cancer diagnosis, you are now living in the midst of isolation.  Isolation can kill the soul so I want to write a little about this.

After a cancer diagnosis the feeling of isolation is completely normal, don’t give it a second thought.  However, you have to make sure you don’t allow your mind to stay there.  The truth is we place ourselves in isolation after a cancer diagnosis and to be honest sometimes that’s the safest place to be.  We don’t have to deal with reality when we isolate ourselves.  That’s how most of us make it past the initial phase of diagnosis, by isolating ourselves from people, situations, relationships and the overwhelming enormity that cancer has brought into our world.


Find Like-Minded People

The thing is, there’s a community of people just like you and I that have been diagnosed with cancer and it’s our job to find them!  No one will do this for you!  There’s Facebook, Twitter and group meetings just to name a few.  You can’t imagine how good if feels to spend time with people that have gone through or are going through the same thing as you.  I have found great inner peace with like-minded people.


Giving Back

I also highly recommend giving back!  Are you asking how in the world can I give back when I’m dealing with cancer?   The answer is simple:  you can give back because there’s always someone else who’s worse off than you are in the cancer world!  I promise you, giving back is an awesome catalyst for leaving isolation behind, you are effectively putting good into our universe which allows goodness to come back to you.


Seek Therapy

Also don’t be closed minded to therapy. A good therapist can help you focus on clear thinking. We have a million thoughts running through our minds after a diagnosis of cancer, a therapist can put order back into our thought process allowing the mind to work more efficiently.  Often times after a cancer diagnosis we don’t even realize we isolate ourselves because our own mind becomes a captive audience to all that we now have going on.

Finding like-minded people, giving back and seeking therapy are just a few ways to help overcome isolation.  I hope you find what works best for you!



Retired hairstylist/makeup artist.  Full-time breast cancer advocate with special interest in education for breast reconstruction.  I love hiking, running and doing weights or anything physical.  Love the color pink, go figure!  Watch a video of Mia’s journey through breast reconstruction here.



TamirMosharrafaA note from Mia’s physician, Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa:

There are certain events in our lives that remind us that we are not meant to live life alone. I believe that being diagnosed with cancer is one of those events. Even the strongest of women that I have met in my practice need the support of others to help them conquer this disease. In some cases, the support comes from loving family members and friends. In other cases the support comes from a total stranger who may be facing many of the same issues herself. Still other times, the support comes from a professional therapist who is experienced at dealing with cancer related issues. It is important that each individual identify the need for the support of others and avoid the feeling that “I’m just going to get through this on my own.” She should discuss her support system with her doctor, so that he or she can provide her with the resources necessary to get her involved with those in the community who are able to help.



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