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The Best Available Breast Cancer Evidence … All in One Place

CKN is committed to offering our readers the most current evidence-based cancer research available.  We are pleased to offer this Special Supplement on Breast Cancer published by Multimed Inc., in its peer review journal Current Oncology entitled Updated Guidelines, Consensus and Evidence-Based Reports in Breast Cancer.  Here is a list of chapters included in this supplement:

  • Outcome of patients with pregnancy during or after breast cancer: a review of the recent literature
  • Targeted therapy in HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer: a review of the literature
  • Systemic treatment approaches in HER2-negative advanced breast cancer—guidance on the guidelines
  • A Canadian national expert consensus on neoadjuvant therapy for breast cancer: linking practice to evidence and beyond
  • Locoregional therapy of locally advanced breast cancer: a clinical practice guideline
  • Optimal systemic therapy for early breast cancer in women: a clinical practice guideline
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy for early female breast cancer: A systematic review of the evidence for the 2014 Cancer Care Ontario systemic therapy guideline
  • Systemic targeted therapy for her2-positive early female breast cancer: a systematic review of the evidence for the 2014 Cancer Care Ontario systemic therapy guideline


An Introduction by M.E. Trudeau , MD, Sunny-brook Health Sciences Centre


I was delighted to be asked to act as guest editor of this Current Oncology supplement dedicated to breast cancer; it was the opportune time to publish the adjuvant breast cancer guidelines recently completed for Cancer Care Ontario’s Program in Evidence-Based Care. Finding, in any one place, guidelines and consensus documents that are up to date and evidence-based can be challenging, especially given that the data on breast cancer treatments are constantly changing as new evidence accumulates. In fact, information from the soft and text trials was added just before publication of this supplement because the evidence had not been reported when the guideline recommendations were initially being developed.

Evidence-based reviews or consensus recommendations on both the locoregional management and systemic treatment of locally advanced breast cancer were also sought for the supplement. Over the last few years, a Canadian group of content experts has been working on appropriate algorithms for neoadjuvant treatment. Their just-completed set of recommendations is included here, as is another just-completed set of Cancer Care Ontario guidelines on the locoregional management of locally advanced disease. For up-to-date approaches to metastatic disease, we asked Canadian experts with a special interest in the treatment of HER 2 -positive and HER 2 -negative disease to provide summaries based on already-published international guidelines, but with a Canadian flavour. Lastly, a review of pregnancy-related breast cancer—that is, breast cancer during pregnancy, or pregnancy after breast cancer—was included as a topic of special interest for practitioners managing the many young women presenting in such circumstances.

Many thanks go to all the contributing oncologists for their work on this special edition and also to Glenn Fletcher, guideline methodologist for the Program in Evidence-Based Care at Cancer Care Ontario. We all hope that this supplement will be an important tool for practising breast cancer oncologists.


Read the full Current Oncology Supplement:  Updated Guidelines, Consensus and Evidence-Based Reports in Breast Cancer


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