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Commentary: Music Therapy Could Build Resilience In Teen Cancer Patients

musicandcreativetherapyby SarahRose Black, BMus, MA, MMT, Music Therapist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Kensington Hospice, CKN Music & Creative Therapy Section Editor

As the field of music therapy continues to grow, an ever-increasing body of knowledge is being developed through qualitative and quantitative research studies in a number of different areas. In March 2014, the journal Cancer published a randomized controlled trial study done in the United States, on how music therapy could potentially build resiliency in teens undergoing stem cell transplants. The results were promising, as those who participated in creating a therapeutic music video reported more courageous coping, better social integration, and a better family environment during a high-risk cancer treatment. Adolescents and young adults can often be overlooked in the healthcare system as they have unique psychosocial needs and are often caught between care for pediatric and adult patients. Music has a unique capacity to cater to any age and stage of disease progression, particularly when offered by an accredited or board-certified music therapist. While more research needs to be done to develop a deeper understanding of these benefits within a broader adolescent and young adult population, the results of the therapeutic music video intervention are exciting and speak to the power of music to support people during some of the most challenging times of their lives, regardless of their age.

Read the report in the Huffington Post:



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