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Fertility Preservation for Men

The procedures listed below have varying risks and side effects.  Some options may not be recommended for certain types of cancer or disease. There may also be treatments available that have a smaller risk of infertility.  It is important to discuss these procedures with your physician and your insurance provider since they may be expensive and not covered by insurance.


Types of Fertility Preservation 


Sperm BankingSperm cells are collected and frozen for future use.
Testicular Tissue BankingTesticular tissue, including cells that produce sperm and sperm itself, is removed and frozen.
Shielding of TesticlesIt is sometimes possible to shield the testicles to protect them from radiation during treatment.
Testicular Sperm ExtractionEven if a man’s semen has no sperm, he may still have sperm in the testicles.  In testicular sperm extraction, a surgeon removes small pieces of testicular tissue (biopsy) while the patient is sedated or under local or general anesthesia.  If the tissue contains sperm, the sperm are either frozen or used to fertilize a female partner’s eggs.  This technique may be an option before or after cancer treatment.


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