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Oncofertility Education Modules: A presentation by Dr. Hananel Holzer


Resident Module – Fertility#1

Resident Module – Fertility#2a

Resident Module – Fertility#2b

Resident Module – Fertility#3



by Monisha Sudarshan, MD

As one walks into Dr.Holzer’s office, his passion and love for helping patients with fertility issues is clear. Among the many honors and thank you notes, sits a small decorative baby carriage with the words engraved “Doctors are known to heal, you are known to create miracles”. Dr. Holzer is the Medical Director of the MUHC (McGill University Health Centre) Reproductive Centre and one of the pioneers in oncofertility. In fertility management, he describes every couple as a “new story” however, oncofertility presents its own unique challenges and complexities for the patient and physician population. Dr.Holzer advises his patients that the first and foremost importance is to fight the cancer; fertility represents an important aspect but is not the primary priority. One of his goals is also to educate and bring awareness to cancer physicians and residents about the options of fertility preservation for the younger oncology population and is working on creating easy, timely access for referral of these patients to expert centers. Continuing his educational endeavour, he has designed expert teaching modules targeted for resident education in oncology and fertility and to spark interest in this interesting and rapidly growing field. Modules begin with basic physiological changes with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, progress to current options in fertility preservation and the experience at the McGill University Health Center. Continue to stay tuned for more knowledge on this important and stimulating topic within oncology.



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