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When Patient Engagers meet Patient Advocates: The 5 Levels of Public Participation

RobinMcGeeby Dr. Robin McGee, CKN Patient Advocacy Editor


Patients and families wonder how to get involved in advocacy.   We want to help solve the problems we may have encountered on our cancer journeys, or share our aspirations for better care.  We want to give back to the system, but we are not sure where to start.  We do not know what degree of involvement with the system is welcome or appropriate.

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Your Child Has Cancer: Canadian Support Resources That Can Help

SueMcKechnieby Sue McKechnie, CKN Childhood Cancer Advocacy Co-Editor


When your child is diagnosed with cancer, your world turns upside down. All your best laid plans fall to the wayside and in an instant you find yourself in uncharted waters. The good news is that Canada has a network of resources that can ease the emotional and financial stress for all the members of your family.


There are 16 hospitals in Canada dedicated to the healthcare of children. Each one of these facilities will have staff devoted to helping families navigate through their childhood cancer journey. The list below only scratches the surface of what resources are available, for a full list of services in your area, consult with your child’s health care team.


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5 Myths about Patient Advocates

RobinMcGeeby Dr. Robin McGee, CKN Patient Advocacy Editor


Healthcare providers like myself are often called to be on working groups that seek to improve care delivery.   We meet as a multidisciplinary team to develop guidelines, policies, and practice.  In recent years, in response to the patient engagement movement, “patient advisors” have joined providers on such efforts.   Now, I have been on both sides of the table: I have served as the cancer patient representative on several such committees.   Those experiences have taught me a great deal about the role and value of cancer patient advocacy at the discussion table.


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