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Depression & Anxiety

anxietyWhy do I feel this bad when I should be feeling better?

by Anne Katz PhD, RN

It is well established that depression is a common experience for those with cancer. Depression rates among survivors are two to five times greater than the general population; it has been suggested that as many as 38% of cancer survivors experience depression [Boyajian 2010]. Survivors experiencing depression may experience poorer quality of life than non-depressed survivors as well as higher rates of cancer progression and even death [Pirl, 2009]. Anxiety is also acknowledged as a significant problem and is often associated specifically with fear of recurrence that can persist for years after diagnosis (Glaser et al., 2013).

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Depression: It’s Not the End



depression 1by Jennifer Luce, CKN Living with Cancer Editor & Cancer Survivor

When I was thirteen I had overwhelming periods of sadness that I chalked up to teenage angst. When it followed me around like a dark cloud through my early twenties and other things in life became too much, the feeling that my life wasn’t worth it interfered with my ability to enjoy what the world had to offer.


People were always there to offer words of support but the feelings of loneliness wouldn’t pass. I reached out to search for ways to handle it all, but it was never good enough. Only when I was introduced to a counsellor and psychologist, did my ability to talk it out and fill up my virtual toolbox, begin to wane the ebb and flow of pain.

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