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Be an Active Participant in Your Cancer Care Team

AlixHaydenby Alix Hayden, Living with Cancer

During this month of October, which is Brain Tumour Awareness month in Canada, and this final week of the month, which marks International Brain Tumour Awareness week, I am reflecting back on my experiences since my brain tumour diagnosis in 2012. When I interact with other cancer patients, one of the most common shared experiences is the sense of loss of control and a fundamental sense that our own bodies have betrayed us in some way. That really resonates with me, because I considered myself a very healthy 37 year-old when I was first diagnosed. I felt like I was doing everything right. I’d never had a significant health issue in my life, and lived a low risk lifestyle.

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Childhood Cancer: 5 ways you can make a difference

GoldRibbon2by Sue McKechnie, Childhood Cancer Awareness Editor 

Every day in North America the equivalent of a classroom full of kids are diagnosed with cancer. That’s every single day.  Yet childhood cancer is under-acknowledged and research towards better treatments and outcomes for these kids is woefully under-funded.

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What This Mom Wishes People Knew about Childhood Cancer

SueMcKechnie4by Sue McKechnie, Childhood Cancer Awareness Editor 



September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

If your child has cancer you don’t need a specific month to remind you. You are always aware, every second of every day you are reminded of the fragility of life. As someone whose family has been so affected by childhood cancer, I want to scream it from the rooftops each and every day to make people aware that it is in fact not rare and even more alarming is the fact that childhood cancer research receives very little funding.

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New Studies Give Hope to Children with Brain Tumours: Evie’s Story


New Research Gives Hope to Children with Most Common Types of Brain Tumours

by Sue McKechnie, CKN Childhood Cancer Advocacy Co-Editor

Evie was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was 6 months old.  After 3 straight years of chemotherapy, her tumour looked stable enough to stop treatment.  After being treatment free for 17 months, an MRI showed that her tumour was growing.

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Fitness to drive in patients with brain tumours: the influence of mandatory reporting legislation on radiation oncologists in Canada

by Esther Chan, Michelle Hanna, Alex Louie MD, and David D’Souza MD 


List of Cases

1.  Generalized seizures
2.  Reporting and reinstating a revoked license
3.  Moderate neurosensory deficits secondary to low grade glioma
4.  Medical, ethical, and legal implications associated with license revocation in brain cancer patients

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