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Restored Breast Sensation: Breast Reconstruction

TerriCouteeby Terri Coutee, Breast Cancer Advocate


I am a patient who has restored breast sensation after breast reconstruction.  As a patient advocate who educates and speaks to hundreds of women and men about all options for breast reconstruction I am aware that many who choose breast reconstruction experience numbness and a variety of new sensations in their reconstructed breasts.


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Totally Radical, Dude

AlyssaCotlerby Alyssa Cotler, Living with Cancer.

Save the ta-tas.

Save 2nd base.

No bra day.

Have you noticed how the messaging around breast cancer awareness is centered on, well… breasts? Of course you have.


But you don’t see messages like “Save the Prostates!”


I suppose it’s not surprising since so much about what defines a woman and makes her feminine is how she looks, with particular emphasis below her neck.


And as much as I always prided myself on being above such superficiality, the idea of choosing to remove my breasts seemed radical.


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Breast Reconstruction: Do Your Homework!

MiaCurtissby Mia Curtiss, Living with Cancer


I’d call myself a professional shopper.  I check everything out before I buy it including the price.  I’ve shopped for Louie’s (Louis Vuitton) many a-time.  I’m a professional car shopper – I do my homework before I step foot on a car lot.  Food?  I’m Italian and I love to cook so food shopping for me is as familiar as the back of my hand.  Let’s just say you would want to be my partner on Super Market Sweepstakes!


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