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Cancer and the Workplace

ChrisLewisby Chris Lewis, Living with Cancer


I really understand the importance of work to us all, and it is possibly the thing that I miss most since my diagnosis. Like most things in life, you rarely appreciate what you have at the time. I was always overtaken with work and longed for the day I had time to myself – how ironic!  Then I had health and no time, now I have time and no health. I guess it goes to show that in life we rarely have everything at the time we need it.

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Cancer and Careers

Job-Changeby Jennifer Luce, CKN Life After Cancer Editor

My cancer journey began before I was even aware of it. In the summer of 2006 I had been referred to a specialist to see what was going on as I had a lot of pregnancy type symptoms such as nausea, increased urination, weight gain and fatigue. After a simple physical exam, I was sent off with forms for emergency surgery to remove a large mass attached to my right ovary. I went back to work that afternoon and told my boss that I would be scheduled for surgery and off work to recover for about six weeks.

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