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Caregiving Goes Both Ways

RobRutledgeby Dr. Rob Rutledge, MD, FRCPC


Many years ago, I sat at the bedside of a woman who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. She was a lively spirit and was recovering nicely from her operation. At the end of the conversation she looked at me intensely and said, “Whatever you do – don’t tell my husband I have cancer.”  As a young physician I did not have the experience to explore why she felt this way.

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Four Keys to Caregiving in Cancerville

WilliamPenzerHeadshotby William Penzer, Ph.D.


At a recent cancer conference I met a young man whose wife had cancer. He was almost 20 years military—Special Ops/Navy SEALs—hardcore stuff with five tours in the Middle East. I said to him, “I often view cancer as a war zone. I guess the military helped prepare you to deal with cancer.” He welled up and responded thoughtfully, “With all due respect sir, NOTHING prepares you for dealing with cancer!”

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Caregiving: A Perspective From Both Sides of The Coin

stephaniemadsenby Matt and Stephanie Madsen


Stephanie, Survivor:

A cancer diagnosis never affects just the person afflicted with the disease. Though the doctor found a malignant tumor growing inside of me, she might as well have told my husband that he had one growing inside of him as well.

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Caregiving and Depression




by Angie Giallourakis, Caregiver



It is a parent’s nightmare come to life when they are told their son or daughter has cancer. I vividly remember that moment when Steven was diagnosed with cancer. I can see the doctor’s expression, hear her words “malignant tumor in the L4 of the spine” and “approximately 40 metastases in the lungs” and then experiencing the feeling of complete and total horror.

Horror: a feeling of dread, panic, fear, apprehension and hysteria.

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Tribute to My Dog Daisy


NancyBeth2by Nancy Beth, Cancer Survivor
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2012. I have no immediate family and a very small extended family and I was at a loss as to how I was going to handle breast cancer treatment by myself. I didn’t know then that I wasn’t going to handle it by myself. I had friends who became family. And I had my dog.

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