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Matters of the Heart

by Timothy W. Buckland



As we transition from adolescence to young adulthood, much of who we are is solidified. We begin to think for ourselves, learn from our experiences and in turn, produce the people we become. Along with this personal development, we also mature on a social level. We begin looking for emotional and romantic relationships which complement this personal change. So what happens to these relationships when there is a crisis or more specifically a cancer diagnosis?

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Lost in Transition

TimBucklandsmallby Timothy Buckland


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Lost in transition — Reprinted from, CMAJ November 8, 2011; 183(16): 1940 by permission of the publisher. © 2011 Canadian Medical Association

From a patient’s perspective, cancer is not only a physical illness. The emotional toll incurred upon diagnosis can be equally devastating but is often overlooked. As a cancer survivor, I know that for young adults this emotional hardship could not come at a worse time. Young adults’ lives are inherently transitional as we move from the security of adolescence to the independent development of careers and families. This rapid development and the accompanying fast-paced lifestyle are stalled by the diagnosis of cancer, creating great discordance.

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