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Imaging for Wellness: Guided Imagery and Music

musicandcreativetherapyby Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes, PhD, MTA, MT-BC, FAMI


Music therapy is an established profession that offers effective treatment approaches in addressing a range of needs and issues presented by cancer patients and families. In oncology settings worldwide, music therapy is identified as a non-pharmacologic health care treatment offering soothing and expressive benefits to those receiving this care. Specific music therapy strategies are provided by certified or accredited music therapists to facilitate meaningful changes in physiological, psychosocial and spiritual processes. Today’s blog introduces a specialized practice method known as GIM which requires a therapist to complete three distinct levels of study to become a facilitator of the method.

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The Room 217 story – a caregiver’s response to cancer

musicandcreativetherapyby Bev Foster


I’ve always had a strong sense that music is my close companion along the journey of life. Music has accompanied me through various life passages, but there is one passage that I’ll never forget. It happened in Room 217 at the Uxbridge Cottage Hospital. My Dad was dying of cancer.


Dad loved music. He played the piano mostly by ear. I loved doing music with him. We used to play hymns together on Sunday afternoons. He would be at the organ and I would be at the piano. Dad and Mom would come to my recitals and concerts at school, church and in the community when I was a student and when I began playing professionally.


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Musical Care for the Caregiver

musicandcreativetherapyby Sarah Pearson, Music Therapist


Supporting a loved one through cancer is stressful.  Be it sitting at a hospital bedside for days at a time, surviving off of cafeteria food and Tim’s coffee, or negotiating an outpatient’s new routine of clinic visits, pharmacy pick-ups, treatment schedules, side effects, and all the emotional ups and downs of cancer, caregiving can be its own separate struggle.

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Musical Moments for Medical Professionals

musicandcreativetherapyby SarahRose Black, MA, MMT


In my recent clinical work, I have spent time focusing on music and health as it pertains to medical professionals. I am often struck by the peripheral effects of music on the staff. At times, staff will ask me if I could play for them. Sometimes I find myself plugging in my keyboard in a nursing station, putting on small concerts with oncologists, or sneaking away to a piano with a palliative care physician to play duets. In all of these situations and many more like them, I am amazed at how powerful music can be for medical professionals.

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Music and our Environment

musicandcreativetherapyby SarahRose Black, MA, MMT


As a newcomer to the world of clinical work within an urban hospital, I was particularly taken aback by the constant cacophony of sounds I experienced. Years ago, when I spent time volunteering in both general and mental health hospitals, I was not nearly as aware of the vast soundscapes that surrounded me. Only when I re-entered the medical world as a music therapist did I become acutely aware of the onslaught of sounds that greeted me not only as I walked into the hospital, but on all the inpatient units, in the clinics, and even in places of administration. How, I wondered, do these sounds affect the patients? What about the staff? How do I get around or integrate myself into these sounds as a music therapist? Is that even possible? Does anyone else notice?

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