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Testicular Cancer Series: A caregiver’s perspective

by Jenna Jackson, Caregiver

Sadly, there is no manual or guidebook for when your husband receives a testicular cancer diagnosis.  Did you even know what testicular cancer was? Did you know that it preys on men ages 15-34 years old?  Your world is suddenly flipped upside down and there is not a darn thing you can do about it.  You feel completely and utterly helpless.  Maybe you cry yourself to sleep, maybe you are in shock, or maybe you keep everything to yourself. You never imagined yourself in this role – you were just married and enjoying life as a newlywed, but now he has cancer and everything is different.   The days to come are filled with uncertainties.  But, you are absolutely certain of one thing: you will do everything in your power to provide unrelenting love, support, and grace to ensure that your partner, a newly deemed cancer patient, is comfortable and taken care of.

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An Open Letter to Cancer Caregivers

AmberGillespieby Amber N. Gillespie


When assuming the caregiving role, I think it is easy to think of how to help: take over meals, offer to clean house, run errands or the kids to/from events, etc.  Or if you live far away but still want to help, you may send flowers. Since I have assumed roles of both patient and caregiver, I can say that it is just not that easy.  Hopefully my ideas below will help you.  I don’t claim these to be “out of the box” or “new” caregiving tips, but they come from a long-term patient (me).

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A Message for the Friends and Family of Loved Ones with Physical Disabilities

EricGalvezby Dr. Eric Galvez, Survivor


Individuals facing physical challenges have challenges that also affect the people close to them.  Each individual handles challenges in different ways.  The new challenge of physical disability can be frustrating, but efficient communication and a unified effort can make the situation smoother.  The loved ones of someone with a disability have a tendency to “smother” the individual, which is accepted by some people with disabilities or found annoying by others.  I fall in the latter category.

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Getting Through the Holidays: A Caregiver’s Point of View


Steven Giallourakis

by Angie Giallourakis, Caregiver

When your child, no matter how old, is diagnosed with cancer life comes to a screeching halt.  Imagine trying to keep your son’s or daughter’s spirits up when cancer looms overhead and it’s two weeks before Christmas.

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