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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Go for the Gold

goldribbonAs part of CKN’s commitment to raising awareness about Childhood Cancer, we invited various organizations to join our “Childhood Cancer: Go for the Gold” campaign.  We feel the time has come to join together and unite in the effort to increase public knowledge about childhood cancer through the Gold Ribbon Symbol and September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Please join us as we come together to give a voice to the children who are silently fighting this deadly disease.  Like us on Facebook so you receive our powerful line-up of articles this month – and please share them with your contacts to spread the word.


Today’s Feature:  Childhood Cancer Epidemiology Research Alliance, CCE RA, an independent global non-for-profit organisation, registered in the UK (CRN: 1130106)

More than 1,000,000 children around the world develop cancer each year. Millions are in care! For a parent, having a child diagnosed with cancer can be one of the most difficult, emotional and overwhelming experiences they will ever face.


CCE RA supports epidemiological research and studies focusing on the causes of childhood cancers, first time diagnosis, relapses and late effects.


Current projects include:


  • ChildBASE – history  database to be used in population-based studies.
  • TrueVIEW – statistical  outputs of childhood cancers worldwide, country by cancer type.


CCE RA provides short and long term virtual student internships.