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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Go for the Gold

goldribbonAs part of CKN’s commitment to raising awareness about Childhood Cancer, we’ve invited various organizations to join our “Childhood Cancer: Go for the Gold” campaign.  We feel the time has come to join together and unite in the effort to increase public knowledge about childhood cancer through the Gold Ribbon Symbol and September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Please join us as we come together to give a voice to the children who are silently fighting this deadly disease.  Like us on Facebook so you receive our powerful line-up of articles this month – and please share them with your contacts to spread the word.


Today’s Feature:  Monty’s Corner – Worldwide Support for all Affected by Childhood Cancers.

A precious child has been diagnosed with cancer. Life changes forever for those who are close to this child. No one looks at life as they used to anymore.

Having a child diagnosed with cancer is not just a medical journey – it is a terribly difficult and heart-wrenching emotional experience. Feelings, and subsequently behaviours, change immediately after the diagnosis. Everything becomes extremely overwhelming for everybody – family, relatives and friends. There are no right or wrong feelings and behaviours. Although medical treatments and outcomes are unique to the individuals, the feelings and behaviours that follow diagnosis show commonality regardless of location or background. They are how we learn to cope.

Monty’s Corner gives support to all affected by childhood cancers by providing practical guidance on how to cope with the illness, and information on complementary (non-medical) therapies, activities for children, inspirations and many more…

Monty’s Corner is starting its annual support event, Ring of Yellow Heart 2, in September. Monty’s Yellow Heart will travel the world, and visit children in hospitals to bring encouragement and hope by engaging them in collaborative activities.