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A Bereaved Parent’s Guide to the Holidays

Holidays2by Susan McKechnie, CKN Childhood Cancer Awareness and Advocacy Section Co-Editor

Whether you are a newly bereaved parent or one with a few years of ‘experience’ under your belt, the holidays are always tough.  People in general are full of holiday cheer, running around buying that perfect gift in anticipation of surprised, smiling faces opening them on Christmas morning. Those of us in the ‘experienced’ category remain wistful during the holiday season but have glimpses of hope and cheer. For parents still weighed down by the mire of grief, the holidays are an emotional rollercoaster that no-one who hasn’t been through it, can truly understand.


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Reclaiming Christmas: A Mother’s Story

PatTaylorby Pat Taylor, CKN Caregiver Section Editor

The holidays can be a difficult time for those of us who have lost a loved one to cancer. If the loss is recent, it can permeate every pore of your being, every traditional event of the season. You notice your loved one is not there to decorate the tree, frost the gingerbread cookies, sing carols around the neighbourhood, light the menorah. For a parent who has lost a child, cancer can take away all the joyful child-like innocence and magic of Christmas, if we let it. Can such a fathomless hole in the heart ever be filled?


Yes, I believe it can be…eventually. 

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