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October Series: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

ClaudiaSchmidt“Breast Cancer Connections: My personal relationship with the month of October”

by Claudia Schmidt

My personal relationship with the month of October has changed dramatically since I had breast cancer. For me, every month is breast cancer awareness month. I can’t parse out the time of year when I’ll focus on breast cancer; for me, every month, week, day and moment is a reminder of breast cancer and its aftermath.


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The 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was First Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Darwin-Changeby Claudia Schmidt, Living with Cancer.

4 years ago today I found the lump that changed my life.  I won’t call it the anniversary or even my cancerversary, as I’ve heard it called, because there is truly nothing to celebrate about such an event.

But I do want to make note of the day by sharing some information for anyone else who may have recently been diagnosed, or knows someone who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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