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YAFC: The Role of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine)

by Jill Shainhouse ND FABNO

Most patients who are between the ages of 18 and 34 feel that there is a lack of complementary and alternative resources as well as support for young adults with cancer.

Young adult patients are often motivated, resilient, and want to do everything possible to support themselves through treatment and most importantly prevent recurrence of disease.  They are also a population that is extremely concerned about preventing or lessening the long-term complications of cancer treatments.  Although there are some newer programs in place that focus on specific age groups, unfortunately are no CAM programs available through the Ontario hospital system for these patients.

Getting to Om:  How Cancer Drove a Bulldog Litigator to Meditation

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Impact and Outcomes of an Iyengar Yoga Program in a Cancer Centre

by M.D. Duncan MSc, A. Leis PhD, and J. Taylor–Brown MSW RSW. 

Current Oncology  2008


Background: Individuals have increasingly sought complementary therapies to enhance health and well-being during cancer, although little evidence of their effect is available.

Objectives: We investigated

  • how an Iyengar yoga program affects the self-identified worst symptom in a group of participants.
  • whether quality of life, spiritual well-being, and mood disturbance change over the Iyengar yoga program and at 6 weeks after the program.
  • how, from a participant’s perspective, the Iyengar yoga program complements conventional cancer treatment. Continue reading

Talking to Cancer Patients about Complementary Therapies: Is It the Physician’s Responsibility?

by M.J. Verhoef PhD,* H.S. Boon PhD, and S.A. Page PhD*.

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To ensure the safety and effectiveness of cancer management, it is important for physicians treating cancer patients to know whether their patients are using complementary and alternative medicine (cam) and if so, why.

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