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Weathering storms: a cohort study of how participation in a mindfulness based stress reduction program benefits women after breast cancer treatment

by R.H. Matousek, P.L. Dobkin



A growing number of psychosocial interventions are being offered to cancer patients during and after their medical treatment. Here, we examined whether Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a stress management course, helps women to cope better with stress and illness once their breast cancer treatment is completed. Our aim was to understand how MBSR may benefit those who participate in the course.

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Coping and Cancer

by Megan Simpson, Living with Cancer


When you’re slapped across the face with the famous last words “You Have Cancer”, it changes your life forever.  The floodgates open letting fear and anxiety fill every crevice, pulling down your walls.  Every day normal tasks are cloaked in a dark, foggy filth.  Common conversation can make your ears bleed and the tears seep out.  A rollercoaster of emotion, some say, to put it lightly.

You really have no idea what it’s like unless you’ve gone through it.  No made-for-TV-movie or sappy hospital commercial has ever successfully told the tale.  But as brain-twisting, heart-wrenching, gut-jolting as it may be, it is only human to find our own unique way to cope…in any given situation.  I am realizing more and more every day, that some of my strange behaviours are, in fact, actually my own methods of coping.

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Using a positive self-talk intervention to enhance coping skills in breast cancer survivors: lessons from a community based group delivery model

by R. Hamilton, MSES, B. Miedema, PhD, L. MacIntyre, BA, J. Easley, MA


Cancer survivorship is a distinct phase of the cancer continuum, and it can have myriad associated stresses and challenges. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a positive self-talk (PST) intervention in enhancing the coping skills and improving the psychological well-being of breast cancer survivors.

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The Healing Journey: Incorporating Psychological and Spiritual Dimensions into the Care of Cancer Patients

by A.J. Cunningham OC, PhD CPsych.

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Research on the factors that promote healing of the body through mind and spirit is at a very early stage. Reliance on experimental designs seems premature; we need much more exploratory research to identify relevant variables and useful therapeutic approaches before applying to them the same methods used to evaluate drugs. The Healing Journey is a program that has been in operation since 1982 at the Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Ontario. Observational data collection, followed by qualitative analysis has demonstrated benefits for many cancer patients.

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