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The Mad Dash Towards September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

GoldRibbon2by Jonathan Agin, CKN Childhood Cancer Awareness Co-Editor


For those of you who are aware of the significance of September for the childhood cancer world, you are no doubt conscious of the flood of gold and the social media deluge that has begun.  Despite the fact that children are diagnosed with cancer 365 days a year, for thirty of those days the community is pressed into a frenzy to grab as much attention and awareness as possible to overcome the lack of focus on the number one disease killer of our kids.  Buildings, bridges, monuments; they are all targets for a steady stream of gold lights used to illuminate them for the world to see in an effort to make even just one more person aware.  It is a stark reality that the world turns pink rather abruptly, and in many instances right under our noses, before the calendar pages say October.

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