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JimiBrockettby Jimi Brockett, Bereaved Parent, Cancer Advocate

Fear can stop you from doing everything. It will stop you from crossing a bridge, jumping off a diving board, riding a rollercoaster, starting a business and now I’ve found out, it will even stop you from ‘healing’.

Without going through something like this it’s really hard to explain what it’s like. It’s such a rollercoaster ride of emotions from the extreme highs to low lows that I never thought were even possible. There are questions with no answers and some answers that don’t even have questions.

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How Cancer Caregivers Heal

sunsetby Deborah J. Cornwall, Author, Things I Wish I’d Known: Cancer Caregivers Speak Out

If only healing after cancer were as fast and predictable as recovering from a scratch or bruise. After caregiving ends, you’ll find yourself grieving, regardless of whether your care recipient died, fears potential recurrence, or has been declared cancer free.

Grieving is natural. Your life was turned upside down. You’ve gotten used to a nearly uncontrollable and adrenaline-fueled whirlwind of scheduling, reconfiguring daily life, and solving problems. Then, suddenly, the frenzy stops, and you’re faced with, “What now?”

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Healing and Survivorship: What Makes a Difference?

by Martin R. Chasen, Hillel D. Braude

Literature demonstrating the importance of social relationships for cancer survivorship is accumulating.  Building on that literature, the term “Healing Ties” refers to the scientific and popular factors supporting the idea that relationships and community are essential for healing. However, difficulties arise in assessing the effect of social support for survivorship.  The current paper reviews the role in survivorship of social support, with respect to the explanatory model provided by neuro-oncology and psycho-neuro-immunology. Taking cognizance of the importance of social relationships, the model of cancer rehabilitation aims, through its interdisciplinary framework, to restore a
sense of well-being and to facilitate healing by optimizing the capability for full social relationships and engagement with the world.


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The Healing Journey: Incorporating Psychological and Spiritual Dimensions into the Care of Cancer Patients

by A.J. Cunningham OC, PhD CPsych.

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Research on the factors that promote healing of the body through mind and spirit is at a very early stage. Reliance on experimental designs seems premature; we need much more exploratory research to identify relevant variables and useful therapeutic approaches before applying to them the same methods used to evaluate drugs. The Healing Journey is a program that has been in operation since 1982 at the Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Ontario. Observational data collection, followed by qualitative analysis has demonstrated benefits for many cancer patients.

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