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OMG2013 Cancer Summit for Young Adults: The Caregiver’s Plea for Help


Matthew Zachary, Founder Stupid Cancer, Pat Taylor, CKN Editor, Jonny Imerman, Founder Imerman Angels at the Stupid Cancer Summit 2013

I had just arrived home from six days at the OMG2013 Cancer Summit for Young Adults in Las Vegas, when I received a frantic call from my daughter Jenny.

“Mom, Luka needs to go to the ER for stitches, can you come to stay with the boys?”

45 looong minutes later I had collected Luka’s brothers from the neighbours and was preparing them for bed. Kai, the youngest, aged 3, his brow creased with concern, told me what had happened in vivid detail.  Luka had landed wrong on the jungle gym, hitting both legs against the metal steps and slicing open his shins. Red blood and white stuff oozed out of the cuts. It was scary.

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