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National Post: Canadian doctors exploring ‘radical’ new procedure that promises to save fertility of child cancer patients

Photo Credit: Matthew Sherwood for National Post Dr. Abha Gupta, staff oncologist at The Hospital for Sick Children, poses for a photograph at the hospital on Thursday, June 26, 2014.


“Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children is now doing the ethical and legal groundwork for eventually offering at least the male procedure, said Dr. Abha Gupta, the Sick Kids oncologist who spearheaded the study.

Yet the concept faces a major impediment in Canada. Continued research is needed, especially to determine exactly how to use that frozen, prepubertal testicular tissue to create sperm. Federal legislation, however, bans scientific experimentation on reproductive material from anyone under 18, said Dr. Gupta.

“It’s truly obsolete and quite a barrier,” she said. “We’re not protecting children, we’re actually preventing science from moving forward.”

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Interview with Dr. Barbara-Ann Millar

Interview by Jonathan Klein, MD

Current Oncology: This is an interview with Dr. Barbara-Ann Millar, staff oncologist at Princess Margaret Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and the current Program Director of the University of Toronto Radiation Oncology residency program. She has agreed to sit down with Current Oncology to discuss issues relating to radiation oncology in Toronto and elsewhere. First of all thank you for agreeing to speak with me today.

First off, I’m going to ask you a question that you will be asking all prospective radiation oncology residents which is: why radiation oncology?

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