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Attitudes, Beliefs, and Trends Regarding Adolescent Oncofertility Discussions

Alex SAAuthor Commentary by Dorit Barlevy, PhD Student, Institut für Bio-und Medizinethik, Universität Basel


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This is the first article of two detailing a systematic literature review on adolescent oncofertility discussions.  It explores these discussions from the perspectives of all stakeholders involved – namely adolescent patients, their parents, and healthcare providers.  (The second article, which focuses on recommendations to improve these discussions, is currently under review.)  It was important for me to conduct this systematic literature review as part of my PhD research project whereby I interview Swiss and Israeli adolescents in remission and their parents about the decisions they previously made regarding fertility preservation.  A survey will also be distributed to Swiss and Israeli physicians on their beliefs and practices with respect to adolescent fertility preservation.  Such research has not been conducted in either country yet and it will be interesting to see whether and how socio-cultural context influences such discussions and/or decisions.


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