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The Attitudinal Qualities of MBCR





The MATCH Study: Mindfulness And Tai chi for Cancer Health. This innovative clinical trial conducted by the University of Calgary/Tom Baker Cancer Centre and the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is now recruiting cancer survivors! As a participant you get to choose which treatment approach you want, or let us assign you to a group if you are equally interested in both. We will measure program effects on psychological, physical and biological outcomes including quality of life, mood, stress, balance, blood pressure, heart rate, immune function and more! Visit for more details.



by Joan Hunt, MSW, RSW and certified teacher of MBSR. Joan is one of the MBCR instructors for the Toronto site of the MATCH study. She taught the first group of MATCH study patients in the program in the Spring of 2017. Below are her reflections on the importance of the attitudes that participants bring to a practice of mindfulness, or any approach to healing, for that matter. Our hope is that these reflections may resonate with cancer survivors and care providers generally and serve as a reminder of the imperative of self-compassion when coping with any challenging life situation.


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