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Neurological Side Effects of Childhood Leukemia Treatment

by Vicky Forster PhD, Childhood Cancer Survivor


More children than ever before are surviving cancer for decades after their original diagnosis. However, survivors can experience long-term health effects from treatment, with the Canadian Cancer Society saying that two-thirds of children will develop one or more of these chronic or long-term conditions. In many ways, researchers and health professionals are playing catch-up trying to figure out what aspect of a childhood cancer experience may be responsible for these late health effects. This is particularly tricky with regards to psychological and neurological effects of treatment and for many chemotherapiesit is still unclear what impact these might have on the developing brain.


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The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Cancer

MayaSternby Maya Stern, CKN Advisory Board Member


Every year, approximately 1500 children are diagnosed with cancer. Because of advances in treatment options, 78% of children with cancer survive more than 5 years, and 70% are considered long-term survivors (Childhood Cancer Canada, 2011).


I am a part of that long-term survivor population.

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