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YAFC: A New Drug?

by Lisa Bélanger, PhD, CEP-CSEP

Over the past five years I have been in a lab working on developing a drug for cancer patients and survivors. This drug has already demonstrated convincing evidence in preventing numerous types of cancer including breast and colon and indirect risk reduction to endometrial, lung, and prostate cancers. During treatment, this drug demonstrated to increase chemotherapy completion rates allowing more patients to receive their required chemotherapy dosage. When administered after chemotherapy, it is showing promise to decrease the chances of recurrence in colon cancer survivors by over fifty percent. We are now investigating this in a phase three randomized control trial.

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Stride to Survive: An exercise guide for young adult cancer survivors




How many of us are immobilized during cancer treatment….not knowing how to get back into an exercise program that’s safe, fun and empowering.  Co-authors Lisa Belanger and Kerry Courneya have done the research and written this ground breaking new Guide for young adult cancer patients which takes the mystery out of starting a physical activity program post treatment – now it’s up to you to get started.  From how to begin, to motivational tips, to safety, planning, and social support, this Guide provides everything you’ll need to get your body moving again.


Exercise During and After Cancer Treatments

exercise5by  Dr. Lisa Bélanger

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We all know exercise is good for our health, however it is rarely used as medicine. Exercise has extensive benefits for cancer survivors, even if they have never been active before. This research is advancing leaps and bounds to encompass survivors of all different types of cancer, from all around the world. This is my area of study, so please excuse my enthusiasm on the subject.

Based on reviews of all the studies done on cancer survivors during treatment, it has been concluded that exercise is not only safe and feasible during cancer treatments, but it has the potential to improve physical functioning, decrease fatigue, and positively influence many aspects of quality of life.

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