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Small Steps, Shattered Hearts and Mountaintops

pattaylorrecentby Pat Taylor, CKN Editor


“Small, slow steps. Don’t stride. Don’t rush. If you rush, you’ll fall, or burn out. Either one could kill you. Take small, slow steps. Small, slow steps and you will get there.” It’s Valentine’s Day, and my brother’s words repeat over and over in my mind like a record skipping, as I climb the snowy hillside above our ranch with freezing feet and shattered heart.


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Death and Life

danduffyby Dan Duffy


The drive was quiet, tense. My friend Richard didn’t speak, the silence broken only from the rattling of my lighting kit. We probably didn’t need it.

Two days prior, the first words from his phone call were, “Dude, can I borrow your camera?”

We’re thirty year friends, and while I love him, he does not have the best track record with “borrowing my things.” Once, he borrowed my car. It ended poorly.

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Generalist vs Specialty Palliative Care

I recently came across a paper written by Dr. Jessica Zitter in the Journal of Palliative Medicine, where she proposes creating a new society, the American Society for Patient Centered Physicians (ASPCP). “Its purpose would be to bring together physicians of all specialties whose treatment philosophy prioritizes patient-specific rather than specialty-specific approaches.”  

I thought the idea was brilliant and wanted to share it with our CKN readers, here’s a link:  The American Society for Patient-Centered Physicians.  Dr. Zitter also gave me the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her thoughts on the potential benefits of integrating palliative care education into mainstream medical training. Please take a look and share/comment.
– Karen Irwin, CKN Project Coordinator


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Living Well, Dying Well: An Introduction by Pat Taylor


LWDWby Pat Taylor, CKN Editor


In the cancer community,  there are many people keen to talk about finding a cure, or about the experience of living with and/or surviving cancer. We try so hard to stay positive that we end up avoiding any discussion of death and loss…leaving those with metastatic and advanced cancer feeling deserted and isolated. At CKN we are looking to start publishing more on death, dying and “living while you’re dying”. We want to create a platform where people are free to explore the mysteries, fears and hopes surrounding death with the same enthusiasm and curiosity that we bring to all other aspects of life.


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