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Your Child Has Cancer: Become their Advocate

Parent Advocateby Sue McKechnie, CKN Co-Editor, Childhood Cancer Awareness & Advocacy


During Shawn’s recovery period, his care team suggested we take part in a live-in therapy program that would give him daily physical, occupational, speech and play therapy. It had been 6 months since his diagnosis with an ependymoma tumour, subsequent surgery and radiation but Shawn still lagged behind as far as the anticipated recovery. He had only a few words and didn’t seem too interested in learning to walk again.

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What You Need to Know About Bereaved Parents

bereavedparentsby Sue McKechnie, CKN Advisory Board Member, Childhood Cancer Awareness & Advocacy


If you’re a bereaved parent you know what a distinctive group we are and although we came to this place kicking and screaming, we are here.  In each other we know that we are not alone and can rely on those that have lived the same experience to understand the trials and tribulations of every day life. But because we are such a distinct group, it can be very hard to receive support from those around us who, despite all the care and love they provide, do not quite get what it’s like to be behind a pane of glass while the world goes on around you.  Of course, we do not wish that we had more members to empathize, to lean on, to nod their head in deep understanding but we do sometimes want those caregivers around us to understand some of the things that mean so much.

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