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What I’ve learned from Kids with Cancer

by Khevin Barnes—Male Breast Cancer Survivor


Long before my own cancer diagnosis I received this life-changing lesson in courage


One of my favorite memories as a magician performing for kid’s cancer camps happened twenty years ago, long before my own male breast cancer was diagnosed.  It was my wife at the time as she battled stage 3 ovarian cancer who created this poignant moment; an event that was to change my life forever.

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Breast Cancer Screening Series: Khevin Barnes

KhevinBarnes4by Khevin Barnes, Breast Cancer Survivor


I remember the very moment my primary care physician announced that he was scheduling me for a mammogram.  It was May 3rd, 2014.  I watched the expression on his face as he told me this, hoping to discover some faint smile to indicate that he was joking with me. I looked at him incredulously, not quite understanding the words he had just spoken.  I waited for the punchline.  There wasn’t any.


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October Series: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


KhevinBarnes2“Breast Cancer Connections: My personal relationship with the month of October”

by Khevin Barnes


The Orphans of October:  A male breast cancer survivor finds his family


October is a month of movement and change.  It was originally the eighth month in the old Roman calendar (Octo meaning eight) until January and February got pushed ahead of it, but by then the name was firmly implanted in the minds and hearts of humankind.


It’s also a month of profound “pinkness” as women the world over remember “Breast Cancer Awareness” and join together in an impressive union of empowered sisterhood.


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I Am Not My Father – Reflections on Father’s Day

KhevinBarnes3by Khevin Barnes, Living with Cancer


I am not my father.


Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I didn’t love or respect my dad, but at times during my adolescent years those feelings were clouded by my own coming of age issues, as they are between many young people and their parents.


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A Bit of Bad News

BadNews2by Khevin Barnes, Living with Cancer


My breast cancer diagnosis came about in a rather typical fashion.  After my mammogram, needle biopsy and ultra sound, all of which happened within a week of my primary care physician examining the small bump under my left breast, I awaited the news that could potentially alter the course of my life.

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Male Breast Cancer: Getting over the man thing

KhevinBarnesby Khevin Barnes, Living with Cancer


I hear the stories from men, newly diagnosed with breast cancer, who have experienced the discomfort of being tagged with what some have called “a woman’s disease”.   Breasts, and I’m referring here to the female variety, have been the object of masculine conversations and attention for much of recorded history, so it’s no surprise that they carry a separate sort of identity than the breasts of the men who are doing the talking.

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