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Today I Am…. Caregiving for Me

MalloryCaspersonby Mallory Casperson, Living with Cancer

Today I am afraid.  I am frightened for all that may and all that may not.  I mourn the losses that I have endured and hesitate before the doors of tomorrow for all that may still be lost.   Today I am frustrated; hearing people talk of surviving their cancer as if this is a decision they can make, to survive or not to survive.  They must not have watched that decision being taken away and someone ripped from their lives.  Today I am angry.  Angry that I so heavily fear the unknown and so deeply face my mortality.  I am angry that I am afraid.  Watching around every corner and every bend for the danger that I believe most certainly awaits.  Today I am anxious.  Everything new and everything old seems out of my grasp and out of my control.  Today I am heartbroken.  My mother is no longer here with me and I am frightened that I will fail without her.


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The Price of Our Stories Makes Caregivers of Us All




by Mallory Casperson, Living with Cancer

Running Lacuna Loft is my full time job.  Lacuna Loft is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers by providing psychosocial and lifestyle support.  It takes more than 40 hours a week and it is a path that I have chosen for myself, or one that has chosen me, depending on exactly how you look at it.

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When the Young Adult Becomes the Caregiver: Notes to my Mother

MalloryCasperson2by Mallory Casperson, Caregiver, Living with Cancer


I can remember one of the first moments when I realized my parents did not know or understand everything about the world around me.  My dad was attempting to use his smart phone for something and kept hitting the wrong button.  From the couch seat next to him, I could easily see the mistaken button push as he blamed the whole issue on the phone.  The entire situation presented a common progression that young adults experience with their parents, where our perception of our parents moves from all-knowing to fallible, in the framework of a mildly frustrating technology issue.

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