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Breast Reconstruction: Know Your Options and Decide What’s Best for You

by Courtney Floyd, PRMA Plastic Surgery

Breast reconstruction helps many women feel whole again after breast cancer. Thanks to a 1998 Federal Mandate it is covered by insurance.

Unfortunately, many breast cancer patients are not offered all options for breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy.

It is important women know they have several reconstructive options available today. These range from implants to “flap” techniques which use the patient’s own tissue to recreate a natural, warm, soft breast.

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Restored Breast Sensation: Breast Reconstruction

TerriCouteeby Terri Coutee, Breast Cancer Advocate


I am a patient who has restored breast sensation after breast reconstruction.  As a patient advocate who educates and speaks to hundreds of women and men about all options for breast reconstruction I am aware that many who choose breast reconstruction experience numbness and a variety of new sensations in their reconstructed breasts.


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October Series: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


terricoutee2“Breast Cancer Connections: My personal relationship with the month of October”


by Terri Coutee


Do We Need to Clean up the Pink Washing of October?  There are many people who believe, and rightfully so, that we need to clean up our pink act this month.  The colors of fall bring warm hues of golden leaves, orange pumpkins and bronzed evenings that turn cooler as the season changes.  Pink has also edged into those October colors as well to symbolize Breast Cancer Awareness month.


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Hidden Costs of Traveling: Breast Reconstruction Surgery

TerriCouteeby Terri Coutee, Living with Cancer, CKN Advisory Board Member


No one knows the hidden costs of traveling for breast reconstruction surgery more than the patients themselves.  I just returned from recent fat grafting as part of my own DIEP flap breast reconstruction. The costs are fresh in my mind and I feel it is an important topic to write about.


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A Mother and her Sons

TerriCouteeby Terri Coutee, Living with Cancer, CKN Advisory Board Member


I was encouraged to write a blog about a mother and her sons by a friend of mine who began reading my blog about a year ago.  I have avoided it until now not because I didn’t want to write it but I knew the complete emotional fortitude it would take for me to pen my feelings about my two sons.  Mother’s Day will be celebrated soon.  I love Mother’s Day because of my sons but writing this blog is appropriate each day I am a mother to these two amazing and imperfectly perfect men.


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Cancer and Your Medical Care

BethGainerby Beth L. Gainer, Cancer Advocate




The very word evokes terror and anguish — and rightly so. Because being diagnosed with cancer means suffering and possibly death, not to mention having one’s life spin out of control. Suddenly, doctors, lab tests, and treatment protocols dictate the patient’s life. Now the patient’s life belongs to doctors and nurses.


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