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CKN Editor and McGill legend Dr. Phil Gold’s seminal discovery celebrated

Phil-GoldThis year marks the 50th anniversary of the pioneering research of the Faculty of Medicine’s Dr. Phil Gold, who, along with his colleague Dr. Samuel Freedman, discovered and defined the Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)-the most frequently used blood test used as a biomarker in the diagnosis and management of patients with cancer.

To celebrate this seminal breakthrough, Dr. Gold was recently honoured at the 25th Annual International CEA Symposium held in Washington and will be likewise at the International Society for Oncology and Biomarkers in Poland.

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Interview | Dr.Meterissian

By: Dr. Monisha Sudarshan

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Dr. Sarkis Meterissian needs no introduction. He is not only an accomplished cancer surgeon, but he is also the Associate Dean of Post-graduate Medical education at McGill University, an active cancer researcher, Director of the Cedar’s Breast Clinic and above all a well recognized educator and mentor. He graciously grants an interview for the Cancer Knowledge Network to offer counsel and inspirational advice to surgical residents and delves down memory lane to give us an account of his own passage in the field of medicine that led him to the specialty of surgical oncology.

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Towards Fundamental Research Contribution in Cancer Survivorships

We asked our Current Oncology Section Editors how they would define the term “life after cancer” and how that theme presents itself in their chosen fields.  Below is a response from Dr. Michel L. Tremblay,Director of the Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University:


The rising number of cancer survivors is a great testimony of the advances in clinical treatments. Applications of novel technologies that basic sciences discover and that clinical research moved forward will be significantly added to the oncologist toolbox in the coming years. We can state with great optimism that those will contribute to a rapid augmentation in the number of cancer survivors. Although a crucial clinical follow up plan takes the stage for a life after cancer, much ongoing research into pain management and psychosocial issues are already addressing these essential concerns for survivors.

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