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What September Means to Me: by Melinda Marchiano

goldribbonby Melinda Marchiano, Childhood Cancer Advocate


September is a slow and mesmerizing free-fall.  It is a sobering, coming down from the carefree adrenaline of summer, and the distant hope of a season not quite yet arrived.   It promises two things—a somber end to summer’s sweet extroversion, and the commencement of a season marked by a period of comforting investment in one’s own heart.  Spirit’s fire settles.  Passionate flames retreat, tucking their energy into the folds of a quieting soul.  They hold within them the elation of the summer, and the bitter parting from what they knew could not last forever.  Yet their amber glow pulses with the hope of a time to come, a time where they reignite and fill their intended purpose, and light their predestined corner of the world.  To me, September is a recharging of the soul—recognition of what has come to pass, and the settling into a hopeful incubation for the work that lies on the horizon.


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Cancer Narratives: The Danger of Denial

quotes.pngUsing scientific research as a springboard for discussion, CKN is distilling this research into practical narratives that will improve the quality of life for patients and offer deeper understanding and connection for physicians.  Please join this Doctor-Patient conversation about the Dangers of Denial


by Melinda Marchiano

Walking to my second class of the day, I see a friend across campus and quickly veer to take an alternate route.  It’s that time of the day—the time when I’d be dishonest about how well I’m doing, the time where I simply don’t feel well enough to talk to people.  I haven’t decided which feels worse, avoiding people I genuinely care about, or saying hello and only drawing more attention to the frustrating fact that I don’t have enough in me to give them what I truly desire to.  These moments always seem to be a lose-lose situation.  Sometimes, I figure it best to choose the route of total honesty:

“I’m actually not feeling the best, but it’s ok.”  To this they often inquire if I’m sick or getting sick, to which my reply is inevitably vague and confusing.  “Um, well not really… but kinda.”

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Childhood Cancer: The unspoken beast


by Melinda Marchiano

The unspoken beast… childhood cancer.  It creeps in without a word, demands the near-lethal to destroy it, and leaves a haunting trail for those it touches.  While cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children in the United States, improvements in detection, treatments, and survivorship can make this a thing of the past.

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