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Unicorn in a Strange Land

Unicornby Samantha Wexler, Living with Stage IV Cancer

What happens when someone has something rare, something that most people, including doctors and other medical professionals, have never heard of? That is the land where I live, the land of the unicorn, the land of the rarest of the rare. While that makes me the “cool kid” at oncology appointments it makes it difficult to relate to other people, even people who have the same disease as me. Within my disease there are different mutations and each mutation reacts differently to treatment. Of course being the wonderful unicorn that I am, I happen to have the mutation that is the most challenging to treat.

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YAFC: Metastatic Cancer & Palliative Care



by Dr. Alisha Kassam

When cancer has metastasized it means that it has spread from the place where it first started to another organ or tissue in the body.  Although some types of metastatic cancer in young adults can be cured, for many, a diagnosis of metastatic cancer means that cure may no longer be possible.  Nonetheless, cancer treatments are often available for all metastatic cancers to help slow the growth of the cancer and control symptoms.  These treatments may also help prolong life and a number of patients with metastatic disease can enjoy good quality of life for months, or in some cases, years.

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Looking For Light in a Dark Room

AnnaCraigby Anna Craig, Living with Cancer

Over the past decade, the young adult cancer movement has been breaking ground in providing support and services for individuals under forty with a cancer diagnosis. The Young Adult Cancer movement is important and invaluable. Although many organizations provide excellent, innovative programming there is a big hole in services for metastatic and advanced young adult cancer patients.

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