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The Power of Presence: Listening to Children and Teens with Cancer

 TrishaPaulHoldingBookby Trisha Paul, Aspiring Pediatric Oncologist

“I don’t think that I have ever really spoken about my cancer this much.”  Andy, fifteen-year-old male

In a dimly lit hospital room, a fifteen-year-old adolescent paused his video games. Andy closed his eyes and told me about how it all started with a bloody nose that would not stop. He shared with me the simplicities and the intimacies of his life, speaking as if he were reliving each memory he recounted. After an hour went by and our conversation drew to a close, Andy told me candidly that he did not think he had ever really spoken about his cancer that much.

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Why We Need More Stories by Children and Teens with Cancer

TrishaPaulBookCoverby Trisha Paul, Aspiring Pediatric Oncologist


Think about the last time you heard or saw something about disease or illness. Maybe a TV commercial for a prescription drug or a casual conversation about your neighbor’s persistent cough.


Now consider how many of these stories are about cancer. Chances are that quite a few of them are. After all, stories about cancer are among the most prominent narratives of illness, such as Susan G. Komen’s breast cancer campaign. One type of cancer, however, often appears to be overlooked.

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