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How are we helping young women with cancer make informed decisions when it comes to fertility?

Decision-Making-picby Corinne Daly, Research Manager, Selena Micic, Research Co-ordinator, Nancy Baxter MD


In Canada, 4250 reproductive-age women (20 to 39 years of age) are diagnosed with cancer every year.1 It is estimated that 40-70% of these women will experience a reduction in fertility as a result of their cancer treatment.2  Infertility may present itself in various forms including inability to produce eggs, inability to conceive, or an inability to carry a pregnancy to term.3  There is a growing body of medical literature that describes and explores topics related to oncofertility among young women with cancer. Specifically, in the last few years, there have been a number of articles published that focus on barriers and facilitators that patients and health care providers face when having fertility discussions, issues related to fertility referral and arising during fertility consultation, and how services and resources are being used to aid women and their providers in the management of fertility.

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