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It takes a village: Fighting cancer with the right team

Jessica (left) and her Oncologist

by Jessica Sultaire, Living with Cancer


Up until my early twenties, the only doctors I really knew were my pediatrician, dentist, and OB-GYN. The doctor/patient relationship was cordial, routine, and a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of my life. I mean, doctors are people who give you a z-pack and send you on your way, right?


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What I Wish I’d Said to My Child’s Oncologist

SuzanneLeigh1By Suzanne Leigh

  • Tell us that we’re not alone.

We realize that our doctors are not our friends, but telling us that the medical team will be sticking with us during this journey that we had never scheduled, is an empowering message when we are at our most powerless.



  •  Show us that you care about our child, too.

We know that you identify our child by her diagnosis, but we identify her as our daughter. Let us know that you understand our child and tell us something about her personality that will resonate with us. Talk to our child, rather than just to us, as much as feasible.


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