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Cancer, Treatment: effects on sperm quality and function

mikeneal by Mike Neal, BSc. (Hons), MSc
Scientific Director ONE Fertility

Fertility preservation has become an important aspect of cancer treatment and counseling for patients of reproductive age.  More successful therapies have led to an increased awareness of quality of life issues for cancer survivors.  The ability to have children after over-coming a diagnosis of cancer is a significant quality of life goal for many patients.

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Oncofertility in Canada: Interdisciplinary Relationships


By: Michael Neal,

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Notes Related to the Power Point Presentation


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Slide 2:            Increased cancer treatment success has led to an impressive 5 year survival rate of greater than 70% among pediatric oncology patients.  In turn this has allowed for a greater emphasis on quality of life issues including those related to fertility.  Improvements in cancer treatment and subsequent success has been parallel to the advances in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) which now allows for several effective fertility preservation options for patients diagnosed with cancer.  As a result of the advancements; these two separate disciplines are now crossing paths to provide complimentary treatment.  Therefore, today there is a greater need for more information and a better understanding about fertility risk(s) associated with cancer treatment and the available fertility preservation options.

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