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#gyncsm Community – Participants Are Key

by Dee Sparacio


In 2015, I wrote an article for Cancer Knowledge Network about the founding of the #gyncsm Community in 2013. ( #Gyncsm is a Twitter community for those impacted by gynecologic cancers – gynecologic cancer survivors, patient advocates, caregivers, researchers and health care providers. As we look forward to 2018, the community continues to grow and find ways to collaborate.


When we founded the #gyncsm community in 2013, Christina Lizaso (@btrfly12) and I (@womenofteal) were pleased to have Rick Boulay, MD (@journeycancer), Don Dizon, MD (@drdonsdizon),  MJ Markham, MD (@DrMarkham ), Matthew Katz,  MD, (@subatomicdoc) and Dr. Ann Becker-Schutte (@DrBeckerSchutte) join us in this endeavor. Due to other professional commitments, Dr. Dizon left his role as a monthly chat moderator in 2015 but along with Tamika Felder, OCRFA, SGO and Foundation for Women’s Cancer he continues to provide support to our community. We were pleased to have Shannon Westin, MD (@ShannonWestin) join us as our new monthly chat moderator in December of 2015.

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It takes a village: Fighting cancer with the right team

Jessica (left) and her Oncologist

by Jessica Sultaire, Living with Cancer


Up until my early twenties, the only doctors I really knew were my pediatrician, dentist, and OB-GYN. The doctor/patient relationship was cordial, routine, and a blip on the radar in the grand scheme of my life. I mean, doctors are people who give you a z-pack and send you on your way, right?


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A Twitter Community is Born…and Grows #gyncsm

GYMCSMA Twitter Community for Those Impacted by Gynecologic Cancer is Born… and Grows


by Dee Sparacio


“I wish I could start a group like this for Ovarian Cancer survivors. #BCSM  @womenofteal

“@womenofteal maybe we should try. I know one gyn onc on twitter who might help #bcsm” @btrfly12

It was late 2012 when I had that initial tweet exchange with Christina Lizaso, (@btrfly12), an ovarian cancer advocate. I had been warmly welcomed to the #bcsm chat community by the moderators but still felt the need to interact with other gynecologic cancer survivors.

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Understanding and overcoming chemoresistance in ovarian cancer: emerging role of the endothelin axis

by A. Bagnato, L. Rosanò

Epithelial ovarian cancer ( eoc ) is the leading cause of gynecologic cancer mortality worldwide.  The drug-resistant nature of eoc cells means that effective chemotherapies are lacking, which contributes to the high mortality in patients diagnosed with eoc 1. This disappointing situation strongly suggests that improved understanding of the drug-resistance mechanistic underpinnings of eoc could lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies for successful treatment of patients.

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