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Pediatric Oncofertility

Pediatric Oncofertility Resources

Some cancer treatments may cause fertility issues for pediatric patients later in life.  Pediatric oncologists should make every effort to discuss these issues with either the patient or the patient’s parents before treatment begins.  This can be challenging if the child is too young to understand, or if the parent wants to shield the child from these issues.  However, parents and physicians should keep in mind that many adult childhood cancer survivors feel fertility preservation and the potential to have a biological family is important to them.  Although the fertility preservation information found on the rest of this site applies to pediatrics, the articles below focus specifically on pediatric oncofertility issues.

Save My Fertility.  Fertility Preservation for Children Diagnosed with Cancer

The Oncofertility Consortium.  Shared Decision-Making in Oncofertility Treatment Decisions in Pediatric Cancers.  Video, 2011 OFC Conference

The Oncofertility Consortium.  Shared Decision Making:  Fertility and Pediatric Cancers

The Oncofertility Consortium.  Publication on Pediatric Oncologists’ Oncofertility Patterns

The Oncofertility Consortium.  A Rewarding Experience for a Pediatric Urologist

The Oncofertility Consortium.  Congruence of Reproductive Concerns Among Adolescents with Cancer and Parents:  Pilot Testing an Adapted Instrument.

Health Link.  Male Health Issues after Treatment for Childhood Cancer


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Talking to Children about Terminal Illness

ParentsTalkingtoKidsby Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D.

In an article written for the Daily Mail, in England, Alex Ward told the story of the parents of a 12-year-old boy, Adam, who’d been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Adam’s parents opted to tell their son about the tumor but not to disclose that it was terminal ( That decision raises some thorny questions. Should Adam have known the full truth? Would doing so have been beneficial to him in any way? If adults have the right to know that they are terminal, shouldn’t children as well?

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Conversations of parents with children diagnosed with cancer: Tapping into social media

Sameenby Sameen Rehman

The ravaging realities of childhood cancer silently crept into our family some time during the first year of our daughter Samara’s life. She was born completely healthy. She was meeting all her growth milestones. She was perfect. Then our world came crashing down when exactly 19 days after her first birthday Samara was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma – a huge mass in her tiny tummy with a fatal prognosis.

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