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Grassroots Funding Imperative for Childhood Cancer Research

childhoodcancerawarenessby Sue McKechnie, CKN Editor


Kristine Laplante could not believe it when her 6 month old daughter Evie was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  “She had this crazy eye twitch that led us to our family doctor” says Kristine. “We learned that she had a cancerous brain tumour called a Hypothalamic Optic Glioma. Our lives were forever changed in that moment.”  Evie is now 6 years old and has been on chemotherapy for most of her life. “There is currently no cure. Treatment is geared towards slowing the growth of the tumour until the research catches up.”


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Parenting Sick and Healthy Children Through Treatment

KarenHaasby Karen Ladner Haas, Caregiver


When we became part of the childhood cancer world, my son, Tobin, was 2 ½ years old. It was June 2002. He was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. We had no idea what was going to happen in the days, weeks, and months to come, but my husband and I made two very important decisions immediately. We also made a significant decision unconsciously.


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Creating a Circle of Hope for Childhood Brain Cancer

Shawns Teamby Sue McKechnie, CKN Advisory Board Member, Childhood Cancer Awareness & Advocacy

It was a week after our son, Shawn, had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. He had undergone invasive surgery at SickKids Hospital and was still unresponsive in intensive care.  It was Mother’s Day weekend and I sat trying to eat lunch, very much in a daze over what had transpired in our lives over the last few weeks. A month earlier, I had no idea that children could have brain tumours and now I understood all too well how quickly a family’s life could change.


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