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The Mad Dash Towards September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

GoldRibbon2by Jonathan Agin, CKN Childhood Cancer Awareness Co-Editor


For those of you who are aware of the significance of September for the childhood cancer world, you are no doubt conscious of the flood of gold and the social media deluge that has begun.  Despite the fact that children are diagnosed with cancer 365 days a year, for thirty of those days the community is pressed into a frenzy to grab as much attention and awareness as possible to overcome the lack of focus on the number one disease killer of our kids.  Buildings, bridges, monuments; they are all targets for a steady stream of gold lights used to illuminate them for the world to see in an effort to make even just one more person aware.  It is a stark reality that the world turns pink rather abruptly, and in many instances right under our noses, before the calendar pages say October.

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The Power of Presence: Listening to Children and Teens with Cancer

 TrishaPaulHoldingBookby Trisha Paul, Aspiring Pediatric Oncologist

“I don’t think that I have ever really spoken about my cancer this much.”  Andy, fifteen-year-old male

In a dimly lit hospital room, a fifteen-year-old adolescent paused his video games. Andy closed his eyes and told me about how it all started with a bloody nose that would not stop. He shared with me the simplicities and the intimacies of his life, speaking as if he were reliving each memory he recounted. After an hour went by and our conversation drew to a close, Andy told me candidly that he did not think he had ever really spoken about his cancer that much.

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Why We Need More Stories by Children and Teens with Cancer

TrishaPaulBookCoverby Trisha Paul, Aspiring Pediatric Oncologist


Think about the last time you heard or saw something about disease or illness. Maybe a TV commercial for a prescription drug or a casual conversation about your neighbor’s persistent cough.


Now consider how many of these stories are about cancer. Chances are that quite a few of them are. After all, stories about cancer are among the most prominent narratives of illness, such as Susan G. Komen’s breast cancer campaign. One type of cancer, however, often appears to be overlooked.

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When Cancer Strikes a Toddler, It’s a Tsunami of Concern

tsunamiby Deborah J. Cornwall
Author, Things I Wish I’d Known: Cancer Caregivers Speak Out

Eric is a really beautiful child, and I say that not because I adore his mother, but because he’s really beautiful, with an ear-to-ear smile, dimples, sparkling eyes, and a thick head of hair that stops just above his eyebrows. His parents married when they were both in their 40s, so he’s a real miracle baby who is surrounded in a total cocoon of love from his extended family and his parents’ friends.

He just turned four years old, and he’ll be in the hospital for the next month, in treatment for over two years, and watched for the next 25 years. Eric was just diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma.

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Childhood Cancer Research in Canada: Behind the Scenes

C17Logoby Melissa Johnson, M.Sc. (Health Promotion)

In Canada, C17 Council (C17) represents the network of Canadian pediatric oncology professionals, promoting the collaboration necessary for advancements in the care of children with cancer and their families, through research.  Since 2004, doctors, nurses, social workers, researchers and research associates have formed a united front to conduct more research in Canada.

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Go for the Gold

goldribbonAs part of CKN’s commitment to raising awareness about Childhood Cancer, we invited various organizations to join our “Childhood Cancer: Go for the Gold” campaign.  We feel the time has come to join together and unite in the effort to increase public knowledge about childhood cancer through the Gold Ribbon Symbol and September: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Please join us as we come together to give a voice to the children who are silently fighting this deadly disease.  Like us on Facebook so you receive our powerful line-up of articles this month – and please share them with your contacts to spread the word.


Today’s Feature:  CURE Childhood Cancer Association



CURE Childhood Cancer Association was formed in Rochester, NY in 1976 by a group of parents who lost their children to cancer. They wanted to provide support to parents going through the same experience, as well as raise money for cancer research. Today, CURE is the only organization in Rochester focused solely on meeting the emotional, social, financial, and educational needs of children diagnosed with cancer and chronic blood disorders.

CURE Childhood Cancer Association is a nationally recognized innovator in peer to peer support for families with children diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders. CURE has a commitment to families and children from in and around the Rochester area who are facing the effects of childhood cancer.

Mission Statement:

“Improving the lives of children and their families coping with childhood cancer or chronic blood disorders by providing emotional, educational, social and financial assistance; promoting and funding research toward a cure.”


CURE’s 4th Annual Walk and 5K September 7th
CURE’s 11th Annual CURE Kids Classic Golf Tournament September 16th
Recipe For A CURE October 6th

CURE’s website: