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What September Means to me: by Rachel Lozano

goldribbonby Rachel Lozano, Living with Cancer


September is usually a time when kids are getting back into the swing of school, temperatures are cooling off and people are gearing up for fall and winter.  Summer starts to fade into the distance as flip flops get worn less and fall jackets come out of the closet.  September is also a whole month dedicated to bringing awareness to childhood cancer.  For me, it is a time to honor what has already happened in my life and also the experiences of other patients and families affected by childhood or teen cancers.  It is a time to think about the hopes for the future of people who are already surviving and those who are yet to be diagnosed.


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Survivor Guilt

RachelLozanoby Rachel Lozano, Living with Cancer


Survivor Guilt: condition that occurs when a person perceives themselves to have done something wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not…


A couple of close friends, that I met through cancer circumstances, have passed away in the past year, and it reminded me of a topic that I have been asked about fairly often.  People ask me “Do you have ‘survivor guilt’ and how do you deal with it?”


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