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The Power of Exercise for Cancer Survivors

CarolMichaelsby Carol Michaels MBA, ACE, ACSM owner of Carol Michaels Fitness and the creator of Recovery Fitness


“I am a four-year breast cancer survivor. Of course this has led to many challenges for me, especially with having to face physical limitations after surgeries. When I first came to the Recovery Fitness class I could not raise my right arm. It was difficult to walk because of extreme pain in my right leg. Any slight movement caused pain in my chest because my chest has been so tight as a result of my bilateral mastectomy. Due to these and other problems, I became very depressed and pretty much gave up on trying doing anything; only leaving home for doctor’s appointments. That changed when I took a chance and began to exercise. After coming to the class twice a week for five months, I can raise my arm straight up without pain. I can walk better and my chest isn’t as tight and sore as it was.  This has given me the confidence I was lacking and I feel good about myself again. There are still rough days, but my exercise class gives me the opportunity to work on my challenges with others that can relate to what I’m dealing with. The class has changed my life and has helped me physically and mentally.”


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