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The Intimacy of Cancer


by Rob Harris, Caregiver

Early in my journey as a Caregiver Advocate, I was interviewed for an article being written for Though I was flattered by the request, I was surprised by the topic of the piece. The reporter focused on men that dump their spouses and partners once they learn their mate has been diagnosed with cancer.

I had spoken to many caregivers prior to that request. Never had I encountered a “runner.” Apparently I was naive. I was also shocked. I couldn’t believe that someone would abandon their loved one in their greatest time of need. The thought of it really bothered me.


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Healing and Survivorship: What Makes a Difference?

by Martin R. Chasen, Hillel D. Braude

Literature demonstrating the importance of social relationships for cancer survivorship is accumulating.  Building on that literature, the term “Healing Ties” refers to the scientific and popular factors supporting the idea that relationships and community are essential for healing. However, difficulties arise in assessing the effect of social support for survivorship.  The current paper reviews the role in survivorship of social support, with respect to the explanatory model provided by neuro-oncology and psycho-neuro-immunology. Taking cognizance of the importance of social relationships, the model of cancer rehabilitation aims, through its interdisciplinary framework, to restore a
sense of well-being and to facilitate healing by optimizing the capability for full social relationships and engagement with the world.


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Matters of the Heart

by Timothy W. Buckland



As we transition from adolescence to young adulthood, much of who we are is solidified. We begin to think for ourselves, learn from our experiences and in turn, produce the people we become. Along with this personal development, we also mature on a social level. We begin looking for emotional and romantic relationships which complement this personal change. So what happens to these relationships when there is a crisis or more specifically a cancer diagnosis?

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