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Right to Try: A Significant Setback to Drug Development for Childhood Cancer

by Jonathan Agin, CKN Childhood Cancer Advocacy Editor


The United States House of Representatives is about to take a vote today (March 13, 2018) on a piece of legislation that is known as “The Right to Try Act of 2017.”  HR 878 will come to the floor for a vote at approximately 6:30 pm.  Over the summer the Senate passed S. 204 which, by the House moving on the legislation which is likely to pass tonight, will then be ripe for the Senate to once again move the legislation forward for signature by the White House and thus Right to Try will be codified on the federal level in the United States.

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“Right to Try” is a flat out lie!

arthurcaplanby Arthur Caplan, Medical Ethics, NYU School of Medicine


The opposition to Federal Right to Try legislation is not as vocal as it should be.  After all, who wants to oppose the right to try for those dying from cancer and other ailments?  Not Vice President Mike Pence who has been promoting a Federal law for months


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