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17 Tips for Cancer Caregivers

Caregivingby Rob Harris, Caregiver

Intro by Pat Taylor, CKN Caregiver Section Editor


I liken caregiving to climbing a mountain without a map, on a foggy day, wearing flip-flops, shorts and a t-shirt.

At first the trail appears to be well trodden by the many who came before you. It is clearly marked and easy to navigate, even over the slippery moss-covered logs placed precariously over gushing streams and deep gulleys along the way. With each step your confidence soars and a “Hey, I can do this!” attitude drives you forward.

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The Intimacy of Cancer


by Rob Harris, Caregiver

Early in my journey as a Caregiver Advocate, I was interviewed for an article being written for Though I was flattered by the request, I was surprised by the topic of the piece. The reporter focused on men that dump their spouses and partners once they learn their mate has been diagnosed with cancer.

I had spoken to many caregivers prior to that request. Never had I encountered a “runner.” Apparently I was naive. I was also shocked. I couldn’t believe that someone would abandon their loved one in their greatest time of need. The thought of it really bothered me.


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