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November 10: NET Cancer Day

ronnyallan2by Ronny Allan, Advocate


Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) are a complex group of tumours that develop predominantly in the digestive or respiratory tracts, but can occur in other areas of the body. Often, the disease grows slowly and quietly and by the time it is diagnosed, the patient is already at an advanced stage of the cancer.


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Sorry, I’m out of Service

RonnyAllanLargeby Ronny Allan, Living with Cancer

It’s good to be busy, it can take your mind off stuff you don’t really want to think about. That was my tactic after being diagnosed with incurable Neuroendocrine Cancer.  I just kept working and working and was still sending work emails and making telephone calls on the day I was being admitted to hospital for major surgery. After all, how could they possibly function without me? Although I was banned from work after the surgery, I still dropped an email to let them know I was doing cartwheels down the hospital corridor. They expected nothing less.


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